About ACSD

The primary purpose of the Amite County School District shall be to develop each individual to the fullest participation in the American democratic way of life. The Superintendent and the Board of Trustees believe that the school program should emphasize the worth and dignity of all essential work. We also believe that the quality of education will be determined principally by the quality of the persons who teach. We have the conviction that the structure of American school systems should be adaptable enough to meet the educational needs of a changing society and that the total educational experience of each individual must be designed to contribute to the development of effective ethical character.

We feel that social, civic, economic, GED and vocational competencies are as important as academic literacy. The District's policies should reflect community opinion since the District and its policy-making Board are responsible to the people.

We solicit the full cooperation and support of all community agencies which share responsibility for the welfare and development of our young people. We also seek a close working relationship between the home and school since we recognize that the primary influence and responsibility for the child is in the home.