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ACSD Federal Programs Frequently Asked Questions


What are Federal Programs?

Federal Programs are those programs funded by federal dollars appropriated by the federal government for the expressed purpose of addressing high priority needs such as high poverty rates, limited opportunities for certain services, educational deficits in schools, etc.


Which schools in the Amite County School District receive federal funds?

All of them. Amite County Elementary School and Amite County High School


How are Title I funds appropriated?

Title I funds are appropriated according to a poverty criteria, based on free- and reduced meals. The purpose of Title I is to provide extra resources to help improve instruction in high-poverty schools and to ensure that poor children have the same opportunities as other children to meet challenging state academic standards.

 There must be 40% or more of the students eligible for free/reduced priced meals for a school to be eligible for Title I funds.

 Programs in Title I schools are either Targeted Assisted (a school with at least the poverty rate of the district as a whole) or Schoolwide (40% or higher poverty rate at a particular school).


What is the difference between Targeted Assisted (TA) services and Schoolwide (SW) program services?

In a TA school with a poverty rate at least as low as the overall district, students are identified for services based on needs spelled out in a multi-criterion instrument. Title 1 funding is used to supplement services those targeted students as identified by the multi-criterion instrument. A SW program simply means a school may use its Title 1funds to upgrade the entire instructional program of the school and all children in the school are eligible participants.


Does receiving Title I or other federal funds reduce the amount of funding schools receive from other funding sources?

 No……Title I and other federal funds are in addition, a supplement, to other state and local funds that districts/schools receive.


What determines how much of the district’s total Title I allocation goes to a particular school?

The number of eligible students….Funds are allocated on a per-pupil basis, based on the number of students receiving free/reduced meals. Served schools are ranked in order from highest to lowest poverty.

A district may serve all schools at the same rate (i.e., $250 per pupil), or the per-pupil rates may be ranked according to the schools’ poverty rankings. For example, the per-pupil rate for a school with 90% poverty may be $250 per pupil, while the rate for a school with 77% poverty may be $200 per pupil.


How may federal funds be used?

Each program targets specific areas of need, and each program has guidelines for using funds. For the most part, however, funds may be used in any way that supplements the curriculum and meets the needs to be addressed by that particular program.


What federal funded programs/practices and services are provided at my child’s school?

Those will vary from school to school. When you conference with your child’s teacher, ask him or her about services and practices being implemented in the school. The principal will also be able to answer that question.


How do I find out how much Title I funds my child’s school receives?

Go to the principal of the school. The principal can also tell you how the funds are being used. That information should be made available to parents each year.

 Also, look for announcements and/or invitations from your child’s school to participate in the planning/decision-making process each spring.


What is the purpose of Title V funds?

The purpose of Title V is to provide funding to support reform efforts and to provide support for innovative programs and services designed to improve teaching and learning.


Can students, teachers, and other education personnel in private schools within a public school district benefit from federal funds allocated to public school districts?

Yes…. Private schools, including religiously affiliated schools, that have 501(c)(3) tax exemption status and can document compliance with non-discriminatory federal statues are eligible participants of federal programs.


How are services provided by the school district to private schools?

Public school officials are required to provide timely consultation regarding planning for federal programs with private school officials each year. Each federal program has specific guidelines regarding the participation of private/non-public schools. Private/non-public schools do not receive funds directly from the federal government or the Mississippi Department of Education, but are served by the public school district. It is the public school district’s responsibility to order and pay for the materials and services provided to private schools with federal funds.


Are any of the private/non-public schools in the district currently participating in federal programs?



How can I get answers for future questions that I might have about federal programs?

There are several things you can do:

  1. Visit the school’s website for the most up-to-date information at
  2. Schedule a conference with the principal of your child’s school.
  3. Contact Ms. Mary L. Russ, Director of Federal Programs at (601) 657-4361.