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Parents, the past is history and can not be reclaimed.  Get more involved in your children's future by becoming more involved now in the children's present.  You are the greatest influence on how well your children perform.  Talk to your children about school to let them know that you are interested.  Take a more active role in your children's lives.  Teachers are working hard to educate your children so that they may have better lives.  Students need  to meet  their teachers half-way, however, to accomplish all that needs to be done.  Let  your children know that you expect more from them than mediocrity. Push them to do their very best in all things. Support their efforts, but also make sure that they know that you will hold them responsible for their conduct.  Abiding by the rules and regulations and showing respect to all should be part of your expectations of your children.  Misbehavior will not be countenanced in the Amite County School District.  Let us all work together and strive to make this the year that our school district accomplishes extraordinary things.

Students, you are the ones primarily responsible for your education.  Your parents and your teachers will help, but the outcome is squarley on your shoulders.  Don't make excuses or look for others to blame.  Seize the day!  You can accomplish miraculous things if you are willing to put forth the effort.


Scotty H. Whittington

Superintendent, Amite County School District